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About Me

Angela Vinas

I came to find yoga in 2004 and though initially attracted to the physical benefits of the practice, my perception soon shifted upon realizing I was in the initial stages of a spiritual awakening. The union of physical movement and breath work paved the path to uncovering my true self.  After extended studies with my most influential teachers (Stacey Brass, Bryn Chrisman, Jennifer Guarnieri and Ariel Karass), I felt inspired to share my passion for self-discovery with others and became certified in 2009 at New York City’s Yoga High. Throughout the years I have completed additional trainings and continuing education with Ana Forrest and Seane Corn. I am truly grateful to my inspiring teachers, students and the yoga community who make sharing this ever-evolving practice possible.

My classes are dynamic and Vinyasa-based, focusing on breath, fluid movement, alignment and creativity. Group classes are designed to help students open and strengthen their bodies while focusing their minds. I understand the importance of making a physical and spiritual practice more tangible, thus weaving yogic philosophy and insight into classes in a way that students find relatable. Each class is an opportunity to quiet the mind, create spaciousness and awaken the heart. My intention is to ultimately convey this message to my students, as it has made a significant impact in my own life.

My Inspiration


The alignment and teachings of both BKS Iyengar and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras inspire me, and heavily influence my yoga classes. The ancient foundation of these teachings and their extension into modern day yoga can be found in my personal teachings. I believe that the alignment of the physical body, combined with the synchronicity of the breath, will lead to a calm, quiet and focused mind. This is the ultimate goal of yoga.